Five-Point Agenda

ANGKLA Party-List’s Five-Point Legislative Agenda

From the time ANGKLA was organized as a party-list and succeeded in getting a seat in Congress in 1 July 2013, ANGKLA Party-List has continuously endeavored to provide the much needed legislative backbone that will enable the Filipino seafarer to be globally competitive. ANGKLA Party-List serves as the voice of the seafarers, amplifying the collective whispers of the stakeholders of this sector for the benefit of the industry and the countless individuals and families who depend on it. ANGKLA Party-List’s primordial task had been to ensure the sustainability and development of maritime employment, in order to empower the Filipino seafarer to achieve greater heights not just for themselves and their families but for the country as well.

ANGKLA Party-List has successfully fulfilled all its promises stated in its Five-Point Agenda. This five point agenda responds to the needs and concerns of the seafarers, their families, and friends and the entire maritime industry, as follows:

  1. Protects seafarer’s livelihood;
  2. Coordinated with various government agencies;
  3. Creation of a Maritime High School in 3 pilot areas in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao;
  4. Heighten awareness on seafarers’ contribution to the country; and
  5. Spearhead seafarers’ participation in government.


From the two years that passed so far, ANGKLA Party-List has stood firm in fulfilling this agenda. In fact, ANGKLA Party-List has already achieved all of its projects, which are:

  1. Enact laws to complement and enforce the single maritime administration;
  2. Look into the benefits of seafarers through various government agencies;
  3. Creation of a Maritime High School to complement the K-12 Program of the government agencies; and
  4. Simplification of the document renewal procedures in the maritime sector and the setting-up of the renewal centers in province.